Wood choice

I only use personally selected raw materials. This is of fundamental importance for the aesthetics and acoustics of each instrument. The structure, the long seasoning and the lightness of the material guarantee quality, stability and longevity.

For the soundboards I use the best quality resonance red spruce wood of Panaveggio. I personally source this wood in Trentino. This is the place where, according to the legend, Stradivari and other luthiers stocked up in the golden age of the Cremonese violin making.

I use the best quality flamed maple for the back, sides and the head, sourced from the Balkan forests of Bosnia and Serbia, where it is carefully seasoned for the first few years in order to ensure stability and high acoustic resonance.

Attention to details

The passion for my job and the obsessive attention to details make each viola, violin and cello a unique piece, with refined technical qualities and a particular combination of timbre, response and acoustic power.

I take great care of the sound and the physical beauty of each individual instrument so that sight and hearing give the same satisfaction. I build instruments with a great aesthetic and acoustic personality, which can reach the heart of every listener, even the one sitting at the bottom of a theatre gallery.

My craftmanship, your investment

I want each of my handcrafted pieces to be the perfect companion for its owner on their musical journey. An instrument with a sweet yet powerful voice that can satisfy the best international soloists as well as talented and aspiring new musicians.

My ongoing research draws from the ancient Cremonese violin making traditions and the progress of modern art techniques.

I pay close attention to the unique needs of each individual musician, from the tuning phase to the choice of paint (based on linseed oil or alcohol).

I want to transfer into your hands the most suitable instrument for your musical and professional projects: a unique creation, an original work, a real investment for your future!

Made in Cremona!

I am a violin maker of the Italian school, with a 100% Cremonese training. I build my instruments following the classic Cremonese methods, using the internal shape, which makes each of my pieces unique. For my violins, violas and cellos I use different models both from the classical Cremonese lutherie such as Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu', Guarneri, Bergonzi, Storioni and the shapes of other Italian violin makers such as Goffriller, Montagnana, Testore.

Each instrument is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and quality, a document that over time will prove and confirm the uniqueness of the work of art in your possession.

Since 2008 I have been part of the ''Antonio Stradivari'' Luthier Consortium, a body providing governance, guarantee and promotion of the Cremonese artisan violin making, which certifies my works.