My workshop is located in the heart of Cremona, close to the cathedral nearby, in the Torrazzo's shadow. A pedestrian alley that connects two of the busiest streets for tourists in the historic center.

In via Bordigallo you can breathe a magical atmosphere: the colors, smells and noises seem to have stopped in a distant time. Between an historic hotel, a typical restaurant, a tango boutique and the last record shop in town, you will find my study.

Living in this city, whose "Traditional know-how of the violin in Cremona" was inscribed in 2012 by UNESCO in the Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity, is for me an honor as well as a daily opportunity to be at the centre of a network of very enriching international exchanges.

In my workshop I study, build and trade my own production instruments as well as valuable antique instruments and artifacts of other young Italian violin makers.

Each customer can order his personal instrument by customizing the material, type and color of paint - remaining on the traditional formats of the classic string quartet - and choosing other details according to his needs. Before the purchase, the customer can have his own instrument on trial to test the acoustic and physical qualities. All instruments are insured and have my personal guarantee.

Adriano Spadoni

Via Domenico Bordigallo, 13 - Cremona, Italia

+39 3471049963 | +39 03721930213